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Frequently Asked Questions about Window Tint for Your Home

Learn More About Residential Window Films and their installation

Eclipse Window Tinting can answer all of your questions regarding window tinting for your home. Tinting your homes windows has many benefits and no two glass films are alike. Eclipse offers several brands of state-of-the-art window films. Please call an schedule for a convenient in-home consultation. Here are some commonly asked questions about residential window films and their installation in your home.understand more about window films and the installation process we have listed our most asked questions with answers.

Q. How much do window films cost?

A. We have films for every application and every budget. Let us help determine your needs and provide you with a window film solution to fit your budget. Call us at 636-933-7775 to arrange an in-home consultation and estimate.

Q. Will window film obstruct my view?

A. No. Today’s high quality window films reduce the suns glare and will actually have a sharper view through your windows.

Q. Will films change the appearance of my windows or cause excessive reflections?

A. Window tint can change the appearance of your home, but we also offer some films which are virtually undetectable and most people will not notice any changes to your home. Additionaly we offer some films which are actually less reflective than ordinary window glass.

Q. Can window film offer privacy and prevent people from seeing inside my home?

A. Yes, depending on the type of window tint selected, the general home construction and the application desired we can create the perfect solution for any homeowner.

Q. Do energy costs decrease if my windows are tinted?

A. Yes. A homeowner can save up to 50% in some cases. The amount of savings will depend on the type of window tint and the general construction of your home. Climate, sun exposure, existing energy costs, and the efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems are also factors to be considered regarding energy savings.

Q. Will window film reduce the fading of my belongings and furnishings?

A. Yes. Fading is caused by sunlight produced heat, UV rays, and visible light. All of which are can be controlled by the right choice in window film. While no window tint will completely stop fading, our window films can reduce the damage by up to 80%, which extends the lifetime and appearance of your possessions, furniture, and saves on high replacement costs.

Q. Is the film applied to the inside or the outside of the windows?

A. Window films are applied to the interior side of your windows.

Q. How are window films installed?

A. First, we evaluate your individual needs with a professional consultation. Second, we protect the installation areas and clean the interior of the windows. Finally, we apply the film using a mild water based chemical solution.

Q. How long does it take to install window films?

A. It depends on the amount of window film to be installed, but our experienced installers usually complete the job in one day with little interference with daily life.

Q. How long will my window films last?

A. All the films Eclipse Window Tinting installs come with a limited lifetime warranty. The high quality films we use have a near 0% failure rate and are backed up by our over 20 years of installation experience.

Q. Is the film safe on double-paned windows?

A. Yes, our window films are generally designed for and safe for double-paned windows.

Q. How do I clean my windows once film is installed?

A. Typically, tinted windows can be washed with common window cleaning solutions (including ammonia-based products) 60 days after installation. Remember to not use abrasive cleansers or brushes which can scratch the window film.

Q. Can window films be applied to tinted Low-E glass?

A. Yes. In most cases window tinting can actually improve the performance of the Low-E glass.

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