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Save money on your monthly power bills with professional residential window tint installation. Energy cost reduction is just one of the many benefits to applying a high quality window film to your home. Some other bonuses are reduced wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems, enhanced privacy when using a privacy film, and UV ray damage protection. The St. Louis Missouri area climate can be exceedingly hot and sunny in the summer months. Anyone who has ever had the windows tinted on their cars will attest to the benefits of sun controlling films. Why should your home be any different?

Several home window films are available, but the two most popular are privacy window film and UV reducing window film. A residential privacy film works similarly to automotive films by reducing the amount of sunlight and ultraviolet rays allowed through the glass. The privacy tint gives a smoked look to the homes windows which many people feel adds to the curb appeal of the home. UV reducing home tint has a clear appearance while eliminating up to 99% of damaging UV rays. The clear tint has an added benefit of making the homeowners view clearer by reducing glare.

Energy savings is the primary reason to have window film installed in your home. Home owners will see monthly utilities bills reduced by curbing the suns ability to warm up rooms and requiring more work by the HVAC system to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level. The lifetime of the HVAC system will be increased by reducing the amount of running time and over all work necessary to maintain a cool climate. A 2500 sq/ft home in St. Louis, Missouri could typically see a 65% reduction in heat gain, up to a 25% reduction in annual cooling savings, and up to $500 per year saving in energy bills.

For more information on residential window films and professional residential window film installation please contact Eclipse Window Tinting in the St. Louis area.  For more information, click here to be redirected to our residential tint page and fill out the information request form.

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