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What and why should you pre-wire your new home.  Isn’t everything wireless now? Should even worry about prewiring?

I love the analogy Steve Jobs used when asked about PCs, Laptops and Tablets.  He said as good as cars are, we will always need trucks for heavy lifting. The same is true when building your new home.  There will always be heavy lifting to do in the home. There is no substitute for wired connectivity.

Recommended Pre-Wiring

  • TVs, Projectors & Video Distribution
  • Primary & Secondary Surround Sounds
  • Home Audio
  • Landscape speakers
  • Cable, Satellite, & Internet Providers
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Home Security
  • Network & Wifi

1. TV’s, Projectors & Video Distribution

  • TVs – RG6/Coaxial cable to each TV for Satellite/Cable services.  Smart TV’s should be wired into the home network.
  • Projectors – Cat5/6 Cable for HDMI to eliminate problems and they ability to upgrade technology.

2. Primary & Secondary Surround Sounds 

Most people prewiring surround in their main media room or theater.  You should also consider prewiring for Secondary areas. You may want to provide more volume in larger rooms where TVs won’t have the speaker power to fill the room. Master bedroom, Covered Deck, Pool, Great Room, etc.  If there’s a room where you could enjoy more sound, consider a soundbar or full surround.

3. Home Audio

This is the area that should be most aggressively wired.

It is almost guaranteed, once a client experiences quality home audio, they want it everywhere. If you are going to spend any time at all in a room of the house, we recommend wiring for audio.

4. Landscape Speakers

Landscape speakers are designed so you can hear the music but not see the speakers. Also, landscape speakers can be necessary in large open patio / pool situations.

5. Cable, Satellite, & Internet Providers

  • Point of Demarcation – This is where the utility companies (telephone and cable) enter the home
  • Satellite Prewire – This prevents that satellite company from wrapping your home with wire and staples
  • Satellite Internet – Similar to Satellite TV

Some service providers require special cabling, we work with them for the best outcome.

6. Surveillance Cameras

Security Cameras should be prewired.  Wireless cameras are not where they need to be yet and they still require power wires.

7. Network & Wifi

  • Hardwired Network – Wifi is great, but you still want to hardwire into the network where we can.  It’s best to hardwire TVs, and Video sources into the network.  Likewise Ethernet ports anywhere you may want a hardwired connection.
  • Wifi Hotspots – I’ve learned that it’s best to leave yourself options for Wifi Hotspots.  We usually prewire multiple locationsfor the option to move Hot Spots around later for maximum coverage.


  • iPad Mounts, Tablets & Wall Stations –  Charging stations for your devices are becoming more popular. We can also wire for volume controls etc…
  • Doorbells – Wire the doorbell as necessary and add a Cat5/6 cable and you should be good for whatever solution you select.
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