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Are you playing music in your restaurant, bar, or business?

Did you know that the music you play must be from a licensed source (except radio)?

Atmosphere draws in and retains your customer base. Music is the quickest and easiest way to create an atmosphere that makes your customers want to stay and spend money in your business. Most business owners play a streaming music service such as Pandora or Spotify, but both platforms are plagued with commercials and are actually illegal to use in your business.

Eclipse can guide you on selecting the best music service for your business, and maintain the proper licensing to keep the BMI lawyers off your back. Licensed audio simply means that your are providing music to your customers from a source that is paying the usage rights to the artists or labels that own the content. Many services provide business audio such as MOOD / DMX, Rockbot, Direct TV, and Muzak.Often the quality is much higher that what you would get over a consumer service and business have a lot more control over content. Eclipse can pair a music service with a commercial audio system that performs well and builds the atmosphere your customers desire. Integrate background music with paging and achieve an audio system that makes your business more inviting and productive.

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